Teaching Your Kids To River Surf

River surfing is an exciting sport in which you surf standing waves and tides in rivers. It is extremely popular worldwide, and particularly in such areas as New Zealand, North America, and Europe. The most famous location for river surfing in the United States is undoubtedly Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where there are specific waves in rivers that are considered excellent for river surfing and are widely known within the river surfing community.

River surfing can be done very safely, making it a great sport to enjoy with your kids. It’s important to review the water, the waves, and all potential dangers, both visible and submerged under the water, before heading out to surf. Beyond a surf board, a wetsuit, and gloves and boots for protection against the cold, many river surfers like to wear a helmet for extra safety and security.

As long as you thoroughly investigate the conditions in which you are river surfing and take the time to be careful and safe, there is no reason why your entire family can’t enjoy the excitement of river surfing. Take advantage of the great outdoors and head out to river surf. You’re going to have the time of your life.

July 31st, 2012


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